Patients Reviews

Very smart physician. Punctual appointments and a great staff!!!

Joe Bond
Dr. Yousif is a doctor who listens to his patients and professional in his treatment. Office experience is comfortable and "on-time" for appointments.

Elise A.
I so appreciate that Dr. Yousif offers monoclonal antibody infusions. Had my treatment yesterday and I'm already feeling so much better. He and his staff are kind and caring while providing a much needed service to the community!

Carol McMahan
Dr Yousif treated me for my Covid and I was very impressed with him and his staff at Carecore Health Center. He took the time to explain my treatment in detail and made sure all my questions were answered. Amazing Doctor!

Incompetent staff and not communicative at all. Came in for a physical check which includes your routine bloodwork and was told that I was going to get my results within a couple of days. Was also told that if my results were "abnormal" the doctor would call back. A week passed and I didn't receive my blood test results or a call back. I had to call them myself to ask about them and see what's going on and they told me to check their online portal (which I was already doing daily), still nothing was posted. The front desk eventually ended up emailing it to me and after checking them, I realized that a couple of results looked off. I called them back to inquire and asked, shouldn't the doctor let me know about any abnormal results to see where to go from there, as per normal procedures AND what you previously explained to me during my visit? She then told me that she'll have the doctor call me back. A couple of hours later, I received a call back from the doctor only to tell me to just "come in" to discuss the results and repeat the blood test. I asked him if I should be concerned, he said he wouldn't know. Excuse me? You were waiting for me, the patient, to give you a call back and then tell me you're not sure about my results and that I have to repeat my blood tests? This is definitely NOT the kind of care I can trust. This center needs a long way to become professional and learn basic protocols, not to mention health safety and procedures. Who draws blood from a patient without proper handling, like wearing gloves or washing hands, or keeping nails trimmed? The front desk lady who drew my blood had long acrylics on and wasn't wearing any gloves--extremely unhygienic, unsanitary, and a health risk for me. Will definitely look for another primary care provider. UPDATE: After trying to charge me upfront, the center ended up billing me the remainder of a balance that was already covered by my insurance. My insurance company figured out that the center was wrongfully billing charges and messed up with codes (verging fraud at this point) and ended up overturning the charges thankfully after an appeals process. They have been reported for quality of care. Beware! They will try to charge you upfront and may mess up with services provided on your billing statement.


Kaylyn Evans
The entire staff and Dr Yousif were extremely helpful, very polite and professional. I would definitely refer Dr Yousif to anyone looking for a primary care Doctor. Also I've been to Dr Yousif twice now. Unfortunately a lot of Doctors lack one of the most important traits a Great Doctor posses, and that's Compassion!! And Doctor Yousif is one of the rare Doctors That has that compassion. And am so thankful for that!!. And He's easy to talk to and He listens and hears everything You're saying. Great! Doctor.

Mike Ollis
Carecore Health Center is amazing. Anytime I call with a medical problem they are able to get me in either the same or next day.The girls at the front counter are always so nice and very helpful. I'm never in the waiting room for more then 10 minutes. Dr.Youif is the absolute best. He takes the time to listen to all my concerns. He addresses everything with such compassion.he takes the time to explain everything he is doing. I have never been to a Dr office that is this amazing.

Jennifer Gibson