About our clinic

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About our clinic

We provide fast and efficient medical care for all ages! We provide high quality of care.

Our medical services include but not limited to the following:

1. Monoclonal infusion: for COVID-19 virus infection positive patients using variant specific drug.

2. Evusheld is administered intramuscularily to prevent COVID-19 virus infection.

3. Cardiovascular (healthy heart).

4. Hypertension: prevention, and treatment via antihypertensive medications.

5. Diabetes Mellitus (Type I, Type II management).

6. Preventive physical and wellness exams for adults and pediatrics.

7. Medicare Wellness exams.

8. IV hydration for patients with dehydration and for pregnant female with Hyper-emesis Gravidarum and other conditions.

9. Treatment for hypercholesteremia.

10. Treatment for sexual transmitted diseases.

11. Treatment for all infectious diseases.

12. Treatment for urgent conditions same day appointment.

13. Treatment for gastroentistinal conditions.

14. Rapid COVID-19 and PCR testing available.

15. Blood work in office available.

16. 5 minutes A1c check available.

17. Rapid Flu, Strept, and Mono tests available in office.

18. Laceration repair available in office.

19. Xray available in office.

20. Spirometry available in office to detect pulmonary conditions including Asthma/COPD/other airway diseases.

21. EKG to detect cardiovascular diseases

22. Other minor surgeries available in office including wart removal, ingrown nail repair (Partial/complete), sebacious cyst repair, ear irrigation, others....

23. Hearing test availabe in office.

24. We also provide DOT exams!

We accept all insurances!

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